What’s this TikTok Bunny Tongue Lip Gloss trend?

Originating in China and taking over TikTok across the world, the Bunny Tongue Lip Gloss trend sees TikTokers trying to find lip gloss that matches the colour of a bunny’s tongue.

Bunnies and beauty products are not often referred to in the same sentence for any good reason… All we have to do is look at one of the many cruelty-free logos to remind us that rabbits have been used to test cosmetics for a long time. Thankfully, however, the Bunny Tongue Lip Gloss trend does not come with any animal cruelty attached to it. In fact, it’s actually pretty cute!

The trend first began on Douyin, a Chinese social media app, before taking over international TikTok. As many TikTokers have explained in their videos, the trend is basically to scour online or brick-and-mortar beauty stores in search of a lip gloss colour that matches the shade of a rabbit’s tongue – obviously armed with a picture of a cute bunny with its tongue out. The idea is that a bunny’s tongue is perfectly pink, making your matching lip gloss also perfectly pink. 

For anyone who doesn’t want to do the research but would still like a lip gloss that’s the perfect shade of bunny-tongue pink, many TikTokers have suggested the Outrageous Plumping Lip Gloss in Pink Pout from the Sephora Collection as the closest colour.

Moreover, Teen VOGUE recently wrote a piece about this trend and also included NYX Professional Makeup’s Butter Gloss Non-Sticky Lip Gloss in Crème Brûlée, and Tony Moly’s Petit Bunny Gloss Bar in its list of potential contenders.

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