5 must-haves for a cosy home

Loving the space around you leads to a better life.

With winter just around the corner (in theory, at least) it’s time to spruce up our homes with tea, hot chocolate, and cosy items. Why? Well, the question should be: Why not?  We’ve listed some ideas to get you started in case you’re not sure what to get.

Comfortable chairs

Whether to watch TV, eat dinner, or entertain guests, you’re going to sit down at some point, which is why comfortable chairs are a must-have in every household. Besides your sofa, you can opt for big bean bags, stools, and anything else that will make you want to grab a book and chillax.

Hot water bottle

It’s getting cooler, and a hot water bottle is essential, especially considering it’s usually colder inside than it is outside. Keep yourself warm as you watch your favourite TV show under a fluffy blanket.


There’s nothing that pulls a room together more than a nice fluffy carpet. Whether it’s a small one under the coffee table or a bigger one that covers most of the living room, this is a must-have item in every Maltese and Gozitan home.

Throw pillows

Throw pillows are not only nice to look at, they’ll also keep you nice and cosy while you’re watching your favourite Netflix series. You can get these in whatever colour or texture calls out to you most. Make sure it matches the carpet!


Candles are great to create ambience. I particularly love scented candles as they add a nice aroma to your space, and you can place them anywhere, really. The coffee table, by the TV set, and even in the bathroom.

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