The 80s called, they want their perms back

From Bella Hadid to Katie Holmes: perms have been one of 2023’s biggest breakout hair trends. And they’re set to continue dominating fashion in 2024.

The 1980s gave the world some over-the-top fashion trends, including structured shoulders, super miniskirts, and corset belts. Yet the one thing the decade will forever be synonymous with is the perm, and it’s now made a full comeback.

Celebrity trendsetters, like models Emily Ratajkowski and Bella Hadid, as well as actress and fashionista Katie Holmes, have all been spotted sporting tightly-permed curls over the course of 2023. And the trend is set to continue into 2024.

This time round, however, adopters of the perm, which is short for ‘permanent hairstyle’, are opting to simply enhance their natural hair, rather than going for a full-on Dolly Parton or Whitney Houston 1980s’ perm. 

This still sees chemicals being used to change the structure of the hair to create permanent waves or curls, of course, but now they’re looser, bouncier, and more subtle, undoubtedly making them more palatable to modern constitutions.  

Our advice for anyone interested in trying out this trend is to speak to a qualified hair stylist who can help you find the right perm and style for you.

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