Hunting for last minute Christmas gifts?

Silkware designer Saz Mifsud just opened a walk-in flagship store in Valletta.
Photo: Seventh Yard

Silkenware designer Saz Mifsud has opened her flagship store in Valletta at 1, St Patrick’s Street. Located in a bustling part of the capital city, the boutique store shares a street that is quickly becoming popular among local boutiques.

True to the Saz Mifsud brand, the store boasts a variety of luxurious silk items in its signature vibrant hues and enchanting designs. The items range from kimonos to shirts, skirt and top sets, hair accessories, handbags and, of course, scarves in a range of sizes. The collection also includes smart office pieces, namely elegant patterned notebooks and stylish laptop cases. Whether patrons are looking for Secret Santa presents, corporate gifts, special pieces for cherished loved ones or simply a personal treat, because it is deserved, they are sure to find something unique and precious at this boutique.

Currently on display is Saz’s latest collection, Decada, which alludes to a decade of Saz Mifsud. Taking inspiration from the designer’s creations over the past 10 years and spruced up with a nod to the future, the dreamy pieces have been printed on the finest silk velvet. This vibrant collection is a tribute to Saz’s journey over the last 10 years, as she encountered new people, new countries and new elements from nature, which she translated into her fabric designs.

Speaking about the evolution of Decada, Saz explains, “It was an exciting process for me as I worked on merging the past with the present.” For this collection, she took motifs from her different collections and collaged them together. “I let myself be inspired as I unraveled nostalgic threads and wove them into something new, inviting everyone to see them with fresh eyes, inviting everyone to fall in love again.” 

The Saz Mifsud brand prides itself on being a luxury, slow fashion local brand focusing on timeless pieces. The items make for the perfect gift be the receiver a valued colleague, close friend or cosseted loved one.

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