Want fuller brows? Try rosemary oil

It’s TikTok approved, so it must be true, right? Well, at least it’s dermatologist approved.

We love bringing you up to speed with the latest TikTok beauty trends, especially since some of them are absolutely fantastic. One of the latest ones is, in fact, another stroke of genius as it sees TikTokers putting rosemary hair strengthening oil onto their eyebrows rather than their scalp.

Hailed as effective by many dermatologists, as well as Vogue and InStyle, rosemary oil, which as can be deduced is oil that’s extracted from the rosemary plant, nourishes hair follicles and increases hair growth. This was also proven in 2015, when a trial of rosemary oil vs a hair-growth drug showed significant increases in men who suffer from androgenetic alopecia.  

As such, there is clear logic to this TikTok trend, which has been used by influencers trying to get the latest look, where fuller, thicker, and bushier eyebrows are in. 

Moreover, rosemary oil is, overall, pretty safe to use. The only thing you need to remember is that pure oil should never be applied directly on the skin, as this may cause a burning sensation or redness. Instead, you should dilute it in water or, more practically, get products that have rosemary oil already included. 

Another thing to note is that while rosemary oil works, it’s no miracle elixir, so it may take a few months of consistent use before you see any substantial improvements. Even so, this is a natural oil and the effects should be lasting!

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