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Children aged 8 to 12 take part in workshop in run-up to maltabiennale.art
The children in one of the engaging activities held during the workshop. Photos: Pierre Balzia

Children aged eight to 12 recently learnt about globalisation and how Maltese identity is represented in art during a workshop at MUŻA, held in the run-up to the maltabiennale.art.

In keeping with the biennale’s theme of exploring heritage through contemporary art, the workshop titled ‘Exploring Globalisation and Maltese Identity Through Art’ was led by American artist Joseph Cochran II, known for his work in photography, video and archival research.

The young participants were offered a glimpse into the artist’s reflections on globalisation and identity, and through engaging group activities and discussions, they navigated the meaning of symbols, delved into Malta’s history and explored global networks in their own artistic journey.

The workshop encouraged the participants to question what it means to identify as Maltese, drawing on Malta’s historical significance as a trade port in the Mediterranean. The session not only sparked creativity but also planted seeds of curiosity about the influences that have shaped Malta’s development and identity over the centuries.

Cochran, a seasoned artist whose work has been showcased in renowned galleries like Swivel Gallery (Brooklyn, NY), Gold + Beton (Cologne, DE), and Decoratelier (Brussels, BE), joins a diverse array of international and local artists currently in Malta putting the finishing touches to their installations for the festival.

US artist Joseph Cochran II reflected on globalisation and identity during the workshop.

In total, 80 artists from 23 countries are converging in Malta to participate in 20 national and thematic pavilions, which will be set up in some of Malta and Gozo’s prestigious heritage sites, including St Elmo, St Angelo, the Archaeological Museum and the Inquisitor’s Palace.

The construction of the pavilions is also in full swing. Each pavilion will serve as a distinct platform, breathing new life into these historic venues which will welcome visitors to experience a captivating interplay between the past and present, heritage and the contemporary.

The festival will be inaugurated by President George Vella during a special ceremony that will take place in the Throne Room of the Grandmaster’s Palace on March 12.

Before the festival’s official commencement, maltabiennale.art, in collaboration with various artists, official partners, and collaborators, is set to host numerous events, workshops, and discussions. People of all ages and backgrounds are being invited to engage with the festival’s theme, celebrating heritage and contemporary art.

maltabiennale.art is a Heritage Malta initiative through MUŻA, the Malta National Community Art Museum, in partnership with Arts Council Malta. maltabiennale.art is also presented in cooperation with the ministries for foreign and European affairs and trade, national heritage, the arts and local government, and Gozo, as well as with Visit Malta, Malta Libraries, MCAST, Festivals Malta, Valletta Cultural Agency and Spazju Kreattiv. With the participation of Malta School of Art, AUM, ŻfinMalta, KorMalta, the Manoel Theatre, Malta Philharmonic Orchestra, Franco La Cecla, IULM University, Milan, Department of Humanities Studies, Faculty of Arts and Tourism, Underwater Department Heritage Malta, Archaeological Department Heritage Malta and Maritime Museum Heritage Malta.

For more information, visit www.maltabiennale.art or Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn. E-mail info@maltabiennale.art.

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