Still hunting for Valentine’s date ideas?

Get your brownie points in with these cool, last-minute ideas.

V-Day’s around the corner and the restaurants are going to be P.A.C.K.E.D. If you’ve left things too late, or if you’d rather avoid the crowds and slow service, here are some alternative ideas for you and your loved one to try out. Single? These ideas work for best friends too *wink*.

Vintage movie marathon

Pick a few vintage movies (some examples being Titanic, Ghost, La La Land, Pretty Woman) and set the scene for the matching era. I’m talking ears on the TV, candyfloss, super large cups, or even hot dogs instead of popcorn.

Outdoor adventure

If you and your partner love the outdoors, I suggest going for a hike in Selmun or finding a nice spot to camp, weather depending of course. You could even go kayaking, exploring, or join an outdoor activity.

Themed dinner night

Choose a cuisine and decorate the house accordingly. For example, if you’re going for Mexican, hang sombreros up. Cook food that belongs to that cuisine and maybe even learn a few words in the matching language and quiz each other for a few laughs. 

Sunset picnic

Pack a picnic basket with your favourite foods and snacks and head over to a nice spot like Riviera Bay to watch the sunset. A simple and romantic date that will help you connect with both nature and each other.

Spa day

If you’re feeling tired after work or if you simply want to kick back and not think about anything, then I’d book a spa day (it’s what I’m doing!). Book a night at a nice hotel, get a couple’s massage, and enjoy a swim in the indoor pool. What’s not to love?

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