Valentine’s Day dates by personality type

Create the perfect day that spotlights your unique characters.

If you’re feeling the pressure and none of our Valentine’s Day date suggestions have tickled your fancy so far, it may be time to veer away from tradition. While flowers, chocolates and dinner for two is a classic, but coming up with an idea that is specific to your lifestyle and passions as a couple is probably even more so. These ideas from eLivingtoday.com veer away from the generic to make sure your date is on point.

For the wannabe dancer: Take an actual dance class, learning something new together can be a great way to bond with your significant other. Research dance studios in your area and book a lesson for a night out. Many studios offer new or first-time discounts and typically have a variety of lessons available from ballroom to salsa, cha cha and more. If dancing isn’t really your thing, consider another skill-building class you can do together like pottery, cooking or painting, for example.

For the eternal romantic: Take a trip down memory lane and go back to the beginning of your relationship by recreating your first – or a favourite – date. Whether you went bowling, mini golfing, to dinner and a movie or something else entirely, reliving the past can be a special way to connect and show your partner how much you care.

For the couch potatos: If you’re the sort of couple who prefers staying in than going out, you can still make it special. Clear some space in your living room and throw down a blanket. Pack a basket of finger foods like sandwiches, cheese and crackers, fruit, a bottle of wine and dessert for a romantic meal for two in the comfort of home.

For those who need to get away: A getaway doesn’t have to mean going far from home. Become tourists in town by booking a night at a nearby hotel and visiting some local landmarks you’ve been wanting to check out or haven’t experienced in a while. A simple break from routine can make for an enjoyable escape, even if you’re only a few miles from home.

For the IG & TikTok hounds: If the last time you had your photo professionally taken was on your wedding day, hire a photographer for a couples photo session, and use it as an opportunity to create fun memories together. Many photographers offer mini sessions, which only take 15-30 minutes, leaving time for a night out afterward. For an inexpensive option, have a friend take a few casual pictures or use a selfie stick to help document your date.

For the gourmands: By this time, restaurants will be booked up for Valentine’s Day, so try something different this year and make a special home-cooked meal together. Whether you make a tried-and-true favorite or whip up something new, like a heart-shaped dish, you’ll bond over the experience while creating a tangible (and hopefully tasty) reward once the oven timer dings. Then dim the lights, play some soft music and light some candles to create a romantic ambience while enjoying dinner together.

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