The Glasshouse Project enters last week

Third phase explores creation as an ongoing organic process.

In the third phase of The Glasshouse Project, artists Gilbert Calleja, Jesmond Vassallo and Robert Zahra delve into the mechanics of creative production to come up with an exhibition of 2D and 3D works. Drawing metaphorical parallels between artists’ studios and the lab-like conditions of glasshouses, the project explores creation as an ongoing organic process-germination, growth, reproduction, and decay.

Through diverse media, image-making techniques, and innovative forms of presentation, the exhibition reflects on the consumption and evolution of artworks from conception to circulation or return to the artist’s studio. The chosen subject matter includes interior spaces, the human figure, and the relationships between architecture, objects, and natural elements. This exploration aligns with the concept of art as a transformative process within a space – a site, a laboratory, a glasshouse – where the individual undergoes a reciprocal transformation.

The exhibition runs at Spazju Kreattiv until February 25.

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