Owen Leuellen releases second album

Out of the Darkness offers 15 tracks showcasing the artist’s evolution.
The artist at the Malta Music Awards 2020. Photo: www.icamstudios.net

Artist Owen Leuellen recently launched his second album Out of the Darkness, a compelling narrative that delves deep into the shadows of life, only to emerge triumphant into the light. With 15 diverse tracks showcasing Leuellen’s artistic evolution, this album is a testament to the artist’s resilience and creative prowess. 

Each track on Out of the Darkness offers a unique perspective, from motivational anthems born out of frustration to triumphant odes to success. Leuellen’s lyrical journey navigates through the challenges of everyday life while basking in the glory of recognition and respect from his audience.

Featuring three captivating collaborations, including the dynamic Move featuring Ben Miller, Out of the Darkness also boasts chart-topping hits such as Flavor featuring Gaia Cauchi and Juice featuring Destiny. These tracks not only dominated the airwaves but also hooked audiences with their colourful and tongue in cheek music videos.

In Owen’s words: “This album is where I poured my heart out these past couple of years with my producer Siconix and wrote every word on it apart from Ben’s verse. This album clarifies my intention of claiming the throne of the local hip-hop scene and holds the recipe for setting the bar for local rappers.”

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