New Dyson, new hair

Smaller and lighter, the Supersonic r™ is unlike any hair dryer you’ve ever seen… But you can only buy it if you’re a professional stylist with a valid cosmetology licence.
Photo: Dyson

Dyson is world-renowned for its hair dryers, with its Supersonic™ range being among the most coveted hair tools in the world. Now, however, its signature hair dryer is getting its first huge update since it was released in 2016 with the Supersonic r™.

Designed specifically for hair professionals, the Dyson Supersonic r™ seeks to make the work of the stylist that much more comfortable by reducing its size and weight. In fact, the r™ model is 30% smaller and about 311.8g lighter than the original Supersonic™. Moreover, its r-shaped nozzle will allow stylists to have more control over the airflow, which should come out at 90-degrees to the product. 

All this, the Dyson engineers have revealed, is meant to improve the way stylists, who continually have to use hair dryers throughout the day, work. This is especially so as it will reduce the strain on their arms, while allowing them to perform their work faster and better.

One particularly interesting point is that Dyson will not make this hair dryer, which will be priced at $569.99 (approx. €528), available to the general public. Instead, professional sytlists will need a valid cosmetology licence to purchase these. 

Even so, these have been specifically designed for people who are working on others, rather than those who are working on their own hair. So, while it is an exceptionally cool piece of hair care technology, your Dyson Supersonic™ is still a great tool!

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