Our 5 favourite nail trends for autumn 2023

From gold tips to no polish at all: here are five nail trends you may wish to check out this autumn!

Here at Pink Magazine, we love a good nail trend, and there are plenty to choose from this upcoming season – too many, in fact! That’s why we’ve narrowed it down to five that we’re sure you’ll love!

Gold Chrome: This futuristic colour would not be amiss in some sci-fi fashion show on an intergalactic voyage. Metallic, glossy, and reflective, gold-foil-coloured chrome is sure to bring a pop to any casual outfit.

Denim Blue: Denim is often said to be outside of the realms of trends, but when it comes to nails, denim blue is one of the ‘It’ colours of the season. The trick is to go for a grey-blue. In other words, a colour that perfectly fits the autumnal mood.

Glazed: If you’ve ever had a glazed doughnut, then you’ll instantly recognise the sheen of these nails, achieved through powder-chrome topper. The style has become so popular, that  #GlazedDonutNails is trending on TikTok, which is great if you’re looking for some inspiration.

Black: This one rarely goes out of style but, in autumn 2023, it’s once again at the fore. This trend can be nailed in one of two ways: either with some super glossy polish, or else with full matte. The choice is yours.

Naked: For all these colours, one of the top trends of the season is basically no nail polish at all! The stripped-back trend can easily be achieved, but we do recommend a paint-on treatment to help your nails look, feel, and be stronger.

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