5 food podcasts you need to follow if you love food

Luscious ideas to tempt your tastebuds.

You may be the type to enjoy eating. You may be the type to enjoy cooking. You may be the type to enjoy podcasts. Or, you could be all three, like me. If that resonates, here are five interesting food themed podcasts for you to listen to.


Hosts: Cynthia Graber and Nicola Twilley

Gastropod pulls together elements of science, history, and gastronomy. Your hosts recount fascinating backstories and scientific research tied to different foods and culinary phenomena. Topics vary from the history of cutlery to the science behind spicy food to make sure you get a different story every time. 

Burnt Toast

Not so good in the kitchen? Burnt Toast shows you that you’re not alone. Listen to stories of messiness, imperfection, and, well, burnt toast. Listen to interviews and connect to the incommodities of kitchen mishaps that remind us that perfection should never be a primary goal.

Salt & Spine

Hosts: Brian Hogan Stewart

If you love cookbooks and storytelling, Salt & Spine is the podcast for you. Listen to your host as he sits down with renowned cookbook authors and chefs as they reveal what goes on behind the scenes of bringing a cookbook to life. You’ll hear about everything from the original ideas, to the stories behind the recipes, and the books’ journeys to the shelves. 

The Splendid Table

Hosts: Francis Lam

This former radio show covers a wide array of food-related topics. Listen to interviews with chefs and food writers as they discuss food culture and cooking techniques to weave together a rich tapestry of the culinary world. 

Food Heaven

Hosts: Wendy Lopez and Jessica Jones

Lopez and Jones cover topics like healthy eating habits, body positivity, and the intersection of food and culture as they show you a whole other side of nutrition. Learn to love food and clean eating through practical advice and insights that will help you create and maintain a balanced diet.

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