Three tricks for instant calm

Racing mind? Here’s fast relief.

Whether it’s right before we hit the sack or right after an argument, a racing mind cam completely disrupt our day and throw us into a whirlwind of emotions. What’s worse, such feelings can cause us to take drastic actions or say things that we don’t mean. As such, it’s good to have a way to instantly calm our minds and recentre our energy before getting on with our day or dealing with the problem at hand.

These three tricks will help you do just that.

#1. Change Your Posture: Our mood and our posture are more correlated than one would initially assume: when we’re stressed, for example, we try to make ourselves smaller by hunching over; when we’re feeling confident, we stand taller and open-chested. With this in mind, we can reverse the process by physically opening up our bodies. A straight back and an open chest will immediately make it easier to breathe, which automatically makes us feel less panicked.

#2. Breathe: It’s a tale as old as time, but it’s something many of us forget to do in stressful situations. Breathing, especially deep breathing, can really help us deal with the immediate stress and calm us down. You could also take this a step further by trying to feel where in your body your stress is located – people usually feel a metaphorical lump in their stomachs, chests, or throats, though it could be elsewhere – and mindfully use that place to exert the energy needed to breathe out. 

#3. Get In Touch With Your Senses: Our minds are glorious things, but they can sometimes run away with us. When you feel like you aren’t able to ground yourself, stop whatever you’re doing and focus on each of your senses, one at a time. Tell yourself about one thing you can see, followed by another thing you can smell, taste, feel, and hear. This will help bring you in the here and now.

These three tricks will help you feel somewhat calmer in the moment, but remember that they alone cannot solve issues at hand. It’s always important to seek help if you regularly feel overwhelmed.

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