Education programme continues at Villa LuginsLand

Sessions to continue throughout May.
Photo: Brian Grech

LuginsLand of Art recently launched the Educational Programme, encompassing discussion panels and workshops, each delving into various facets of art and its relationships, including architecture, archaeology, community, and artistic legacy. The programme aims to foster a space for discussion and offers a unique opportunity to explore villa’s ongoing construction and preservation effort.

Each session includes a guided tour around Villa LuginsLand, the possibility of viewing the collective exhibition Space & Time curated by renowned Slovakian set designer and architect –
Boris Kudlička, and a talk with invited local and international artists, art historians, architects, and art professionals. The attendees get a chance to also experience a live metal and stone demonstration by AX Group.

During the first panel Art & Architecture, participants were invited to delve into the
intrinsic relationship between art and architecture. Talks by Alex Torpiano and art historian Dominika Rostocka shed light on the artistics sensibilities that inform architectural aesthetics. The second session, Art & Archaeology, engaged the attendees in a discussion on the shaping of spaces and their character influenced by archaeological findings.

Artist Victor Agius and senior archaeologist at Superintendence of Cultural Heritage, Annalise Agius provided insights into the significance of art in archaeological research. The programme extends until the end of May featuring distinguished guests who bring their perspectives on historical, social, and anthropological issues to the fore. It is a unique opportunity for the local and international community to experience the exclusive insights of LuginsLand of Art, while delving into enthralling discussion on art and its various facets.

The educational programme continues on May 4, 18 and 31.

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