What are the benefits of triple washing your hair?

People are now triple washing their hair, but does it actually have any benefits? And is it good for all hair types?

You’ve probably heard of the double-washing technique, where you lather shampoo on your hair, rinse, and repeat the process. This practice has been lauded as particularly good for people with oily hair or those who love using hair products, but some experts are now pushing for triple washing. Here’s why.

In a nutshell, triple washing is basically washing your hair with shampoo three times in a row during the same session. It really is as simple as that and, according to experts who spoke to Glamour UK, there could be some huge benefits to it.

As they explain, this technique is great for anyone who layers products onto their hair, like oils, dry shampoo, hairspray, and wax. This is because triple washing gives you the opportunity to fully remove the build up of product on the hair, and clears the scalp of any naturally-occurring oils, as well as other environmental dirt.

This practice of washing your hair three times in a row is good for all hair types, but it will benefit those with fine hair the most, as this hair type tends to be more prone to dirt and oil build up. 

As you may guess, however, triple washing also strips the scalp and hair of its natural oils, so it’s important not to do it too frequently. Instead, it’s recommended once every two weeks or after using a lot of styling products. Plus, by triple washing, you’ll be extending how long your hair feels clean for, meaning you’ll need to wash it less often.

Triple washing can also be used to ‘spot clean’. In other words, you can triple wash your roots and scalp, and then double or single wash the rest of your hair. This, of course, depends on a lot of factors, including whether it’s coloured/bleached. The best advice here is to speak to your hairstylist before you triple wash. 

Finally, the products you use when triple washing matter. You can start off by using a clarifying shampoo that’s especially designed to deep clean both the hair and the scalp. You can then move on to a repairing and moisturising shampoo for the second and third washes. You can then finish off by conditioning the ends and tips of your hair.

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