Sophistication in simplicity

Aeryn Sinnas peeps inside MarieClaire Friggieri’s timeless minimalist wedding, where attention to detail ensured a cohesive aesthetic that reflected her signature style.
The wedding invitation. Photos: MarieClaire Friggieri

Attention to detail ensured a sophisticated and cohesive aesthetic for the wedding of fashion influencer, MarieClaire Portelli, now Friggieri, reflecting her signature minimalist style.

Known for her distinctive approach to minimalism and monochromatic styling, balancing simplicity with sophistication, MarieClaire poured this into every aspect of her recent wedding celebration, which garnered attention both locally and internationally with the couple’s pre-wedding photoshoot featured in British Vogue.

Her taste and keen eye for detail were evident in MarieClaire’s design of single-toned linen invites that specifically requested guests to adhere to a dress code featuring monochromatic and nude shades.

In a sea of blacks and beiges, the vibrant blues worn by the bride and groom’s matriarchs stood out. The exact cobalt, #003264, is the personal favourite of the groom, Julian. This choice was also a heartfelt nod to the timeless tradition of ‘something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue,’ seamlessly blending the old with the new.

Every aspect of the wedding was intricately personalised, reflecting the couple’s dedication to creating a unique and intimate experience for their guests. Handwritten notes, carefully placed behind each name card on the seating arrangements, were addressed individually, adding a deeply personal touch to the celebration.

Even the guest book was a testament to MarieClaire’s taste, crafted with luxurious Japanese washi paper and embossing of the couple’s monogram, designed by the bride’s maid of honour, Natalya Vukovic.

MarieClaire’s veil was a masterpiece in its own right, trailing gracefully behind her, with the words ‘to the moon and back’ embroidered in her handwriting.

This was echoed in the needlework inside her sleeves, where the couple’s names and wedding date were also embroidered in their handwriting, with the groom unaware of this detail until the big day.

The artistry behind these details was the work of renowned Parisian luxury designer Diane de Malherbe, adding a layer of bespoke elegance to the bridal ensemble.

Julian’s sleek suit was custom-made to embody their exact vision, as they could not find a suitable option to rent. This allowed for an additional layer of personalisation, with their initials elegantly embroidered on the inside of his blazer.

Departing from tradition, the couple opted to provide the congregation with a unique keepsake instead of conventional Mass books. The structure of the wedding ceremony was presented in the form of a newspaper. Each gazette included the Vogue-featured photos, fun facts about the couple and their relationship, and even a personalised crossword puzzle.

The wedding was described as “a masterclass in minimalistic elegance”, with the couple providing a blueprint for anyone looking to create a stunning wedding that reflects the influencer’s style.

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