Warner Bros confirms Practical Magic sequel

Sandra Bullock and Nicole Kidman may also reprise their roles of Sally and Gillian Owens, respectively.
Photo: Warner Bros

Get your midnight margaritas ready: 26 years after the Practical Magic movie hit the silver screen, Warner Bros took to TikTok to confirm that a sequel to the witchy classic will go into the production phase soon. 

It is uncertain what the film will cover, and how far ahead in the future it will be when compared to original. But, to make the news even sweeter, we do know that many members of the original cast and crew are set to return. 

Leads Sandra Bullock and Nicole Kidman are in talks to star in the film, while they’ll also be co-producing it with Denise D Novi. Novi had worked on the original film and has since produced female-focused films like Little Women and Heathers. The screenplay, meanwhile, will once again be written by Akiva Goldsman, who went on to win an Oscar for A Beautiful Mind.

The original Practical Magic, was released on October 16, 1998. It told the story of how two sisters descended from generations of witches, Sally and Gillian Owens, accidentally poisoned an abusive boyfriend, reanmated his corpse, and fought his spirit. Thrown into the mix, there was also a generations-old curse that any man who falls in love with an Owens woman would meet an untimely death. Ouch.

Details are expected to spill out over the next few months but, for now, that’s literally all we know… Stay tuned, though, as we’ll be sure to celebrate the much-anticipated return of the Owens witches with more info!

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