50 years on, Lord Lucan’s trial has taken place

One of the 1970s most infamous criminal cases has gone ahead as part of a Daily Mail podcast featuring real-life barristers and listeners as the jury.

Listen up, real-crime enthusiasts: The Daily Mail, the UK’s highest-paid circulation newspaper, has recently worked on an eight-part podcast that explored never-seen evidence of the murder case that shocked the world in 1974. It also engaged two seasoned barristers to represent the Prosecution and the Defence before finally asking the public to act as the jury and decide whether Lord Lucan was guilty or innocent of the crime.

The case of Lord Lucan is one of the 20th century’s most infamous crimes, during which The Earl of Lucan’s children’s nanny,  Sandra Rivett, was bludgeoned to death and the Countess of Lucan was attacked. Following the incident, Richard John Bingham, 7th Earl of Lucan, went missing, with many believing he either fled the country or committed suicide to avoid prosecution. This meant that there was never a courtcase that could definitively condemn or exonorate Lord Lucan of the heinous crime. Even so, for the past 50 years, many have assumed he was guilty of the crime – but is it really that straightforward?

In The Trial of Lord Lucan, broadcaster Caroline Cheetham and Daily Mail journalist Stephen Wright joined forces with barristers Edward Henry KC and Max Hardy to go over a previously-unseen, 60-page Scotland Yard document about the case and held a court case complete with experts, witnesses, descriptions of the crime scene, and more. They looked at the evidence, the motive, the means, and opportunity, and explored Lucan’s potential guilt from every angle. 

An unmissable podcast for anyone who loves true crime or has been intrigued by the case, The Trial of Lord Lucan is available on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, and wherever else you get your podcasts.  

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