3 ways to organise your perfume

If you’ve got a large collection of perfume but can never seem to easily find the particular one you’re looking for, these three organisational tips will surely help.

Some people can get through life with one signature perfume, or a handful of bottles that they love. Others have dozens of bottles, placed on every available surface with no rhyme or reason. 

There is nothing wrong with that, of course, but for those who’d rather know exactly where their perfume is, these organisational tips will help you stay on top of your collection.

  • Organise by Size: Whether you have a long shelf to display your perfume on, or a short one which you’re looking to make the most of, organising your perfume bottles by size is a sure way of keeping things neat and visually pleasing. The process here is extremely simple: either place the tallest bottles at the back and the smallest ones at the front; or else start with the smallest ones on one side and increase in size as you go along.
  • Organise by Colour: We’ve all seen home libraries organised by colours, and we all know how visually appealing they can be, so why not do that with your perfume? To start, group your perfume by colour, and then place the white ones on one side, followed by the ones that fall under tan, pink, red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, violet, brown, grey, and black. If you’ll have multiple rows of perfume, consider also organising them by size to make the most of the space.
  • Organise by Scent: A perfume collection is essentially a scent library, so organising your fragrances by their top notes makes a lot of sense. The best way to do this is to group florals, citrus, woody, leather, and oriental fragrances together. And, while this may mean that your collection won’t be as visually pleasing as the ones organised by colour or size, it will make life much simpler, as you can then make quick decisions based on time-of-day, mood, and season!
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