Charles & Ron to headline prestigious US fashion show

Designers to premier Fall/Winter 23-24 collection at the event

Maltese fashion royalty Charles & Ron are set to take center stage at a prestigious international event, Art Meets Fashion, in Salt Lake City, USA.

The event will feature a stunning lineup of top US and international designers, including ERIKO, Adolfo Sanchez, Heggy Gonzalez, Shelly Huynh, Hannah Ruth Zader, and Cartier Dior Eliasen. Art and fashion installations by Natalie Wynn, Olive & Sage, Nathaniel Gray, Mary Rino, Orchid Dynasty, AMF Design Team, Jen Bernardi, and LARA are set to take the event to new heights.

The event also includes live performances by Jessica Baynes, Tricia Phoenix, Katya Murafa, Langiola’s Son, Tamara Knight, Sister Molly Mormon, and Hesperides, bringing together a diversity of artists to create an unforgettable celebration of creativity and style.

“We are super-excited to be invited to this amazing fashion event taking place in Salt Lake City . The Art Meets Fashion Foundation creates an immersive fashion event, where we will be showing our Fall Winter 23/24 collection named Limestone Sunset,” the designers said.

The Maltese iconic duo continue to cement their place on the international stage with this headlining performance that follows their participation in the Los Angeles Fashion Week, where they launched their new Fall/Winter 2023/24 collection, stunning spectators with a collection inspired by limestone, an integral part of Malta’s cultural and environmental landscape.

Meantime the designers have just launched Lm 0.4293, a New Spring/Summer scarf collection inspired by the now defunct Maltese Lira, which was the currency of Malta between 1972 and 2007, when it was replaced by the Euro.

The collection continues to build upon Charles & Ron’s signature trademark of using Maltese cultural symbols as a departure point for their inspiration, which the designers explaining that: “The intricate details and colours displayed on the banknotes from the third, fourth and mostly the final fifth series are re-imagined and digitally manipulated into graphic designs.”

The Salt Lake City Art Meets Fashion immersive fashion show takes place on April 29. For more Pink magazine features check out this exhibition about the iconic Coco Chanel, or this interview with stylist Caroline Paris.

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