Recipe: Risette’s Foie Gras Ganache & Comté Tortellini

A mix of peppered spice, creamy foie gras, pasta from scratch and all things nice.

One of the most popular current entries on the menu at Risette is this pasta dish that combines various unconventional elements to elevate a simple dish of tortellini into spectacular and unexpected flavours. The creamy foie gras melds exquisitely with the slightly spicy chutney. The contrast in texture and taste with the tortellini is what makes this dish so pleasing to the palate.

For the foie gras ganache: 750g cleaned foie gras, 16g salt, 12g sugar. Mix everything together and vacuum pack. Cook in baine marie at 63°C for 30 minutes . Blend the cooked foie gras with 300g cream, 150g Madiera (reduced from 300g), 150g brandy (reduced from 300g). After blending, pipe the mix into you desired mould. Put it in the freezer until set then remove from the moulds.

For the Speculoos biscuit: 700g short crust pastry crumbs, 100g cocoa butter, 100g butter. Melt butters, add to crumbs and spices, freeze and cut with cutter.

For the pear chutney and timut pepper: 1kg  diced pears, 150g chopped sultanas, 150g chopped raisins, 200g light muscovado sugar, 400ml cider vinegar, 600 red wine reduced to 100g, 10g timut pepper ground. Place everything together apart from the timut pepper and pears. Pour in half of the cider vinegar, season and slowly bring to a simmer, stirring, until the sugar has dissolved. Pour in the rest of the cider vinegar, cook until thickened, stirring oftenly. If it’s still runny, simmer for  some more minutes. Add the diced pear and timut pepper whilst hot.

For the tortellini dough (prepare a day before needed): 2tbsp squid ink (store bought), 400g  ‘00’ flour, 200g semolina, 400g-450g egg yolks. Blend in a mixer – when the dough is crumbly, knead by hand. Wrap in cling film and use the day after.

For the Comté custard: 280g yolks, 250ml cream, 350ml milk, 250g grated Comté. Cook everything together  on a bain  marie until scrambled. (Approximately 1hr 30 min.) Blend everything together and add 4 gelatine sheets, previously bloomed.

To assemble: Open the pasta with a pasta machine on the thinnest setting and cut with a round cutter. Pipe in the filling and close into tortellini shape. Freeze. Cook in simmering water for 4 minutes.

Plate all the elements together, and serve. For more Pink magazine recipes check Noni’s te fit-tazza or Risette’s sesame ice-cream.

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