Is your partner a keeper?

Green flags in relationships are signs that you’re on to a good thing.
Feeling good around your partner is a definite green flag.

In the previous article, we spoke about the relationship red flags that you need to be aware of at the early stages of any relationship.  However, it’s good to mention that there are also ‘green flags’ which basically indicate that the relationship has the potential of being healthy, strong and that it’s safe to take this relationship forward.  Green flags can also shed light on the person’s values, character and openness in the relationship.

Consistent communication and active listening

For a relationship to go somewhere, it needs to be based on the simple premise of healthy communication.  Both parties need to feel comfortable communicating with each other and truly listen to each other in order to move forward.

They are self-aware and comfortable talking about their feelings

Someone who is self-aware is a person who spends time reflecting on their experiences and who gives importance to understanding themselves as a person.  This is a very positive attribute as these people are not only aware of their emotions and their partner’s emotions, but they can actually recognise when they’re the ones who might be contributing to a problem within the relationship, as they can understand how their actions may affect others.  In addition, being comfortable talking about feelings is very important relational skill.

They treat other people and animals with kindness and empathy

Through empathy, a person is able to show understanding to someone else’s feelings while also being able to relate to them. Likewise, in a healthy relationship, your partner can identify their emotions, as well as your own.  Moreover, they are compassionate when you are sad, while validating your own emotions and experiences. Empathy can also look like being kind and understanding even when conflict is present. It is also noteworthy to mention that an empathic person’s behaviour is consistent with other people and animals they interact with; including family or friends. Therefore, if you see someone who treats others in a caring way, chances are that is how they will behave around you.

You feel good around them

Ultimately, your relationship with your partner should make you feel good.  If the time you spend together feels positive, and you feel that they help you be the best version of yourself – that’s a very good sign.

Not afraid to apologize

Despite being extremely difficult at times, apologising is essential in any relationship.  Therefore, you should observe whether your partner is able to apologise in a healthy manner, take responsibility for their actions and whether they are able to deal with constructive criticism well. Taking accountability of one’s actions is very important.

Validate your emotions

Having a partner who validates your emotions is an extremely important asset in any relationship. The opposite may have a detrimental effect on your mental health and your relationship which can lead to emotional exhaustion. Even though you should not depend on others for validation, it is wise to surround yourself with people who show understanding to your needs.

Respect your boundaries

Boundaries are vital for any relationship as they enable us to show others what we accept and what we don’t.  Moreover, through boundaries we are safeguarding our physical and mental well-being by establishing our personal space.  Thus, it is important that while we should expect others to adhere to the boundaries we set we should also respect other people’s boundaries in the process.

In conclusion, if you feel like most of these apply for your relationship, your partner’s a keeper! Want to know more about today’s dating trends? Check out Tinder’s Future of Dating report.

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