MFW Day 3: A celebration of diversity

Swimwear, jewellery, streetwear and wedding gowns dominated the runway.
From left: Yana’s Jewellery, photo by Edward De Gabriele. Parascandalo, photo by Justin Ciappara. Lumija Swimwear, photo by Steven Mugliett.

Day 3 of Malta Fashion Week was characterised by a celebration of diversity, as designers used their new collections to highlight the beauty of different body types and styles. Yana’s Jewellery, Lumija, and Parascandalo presented collections that pushed boundaries and embraced the spirit of transformation, empowering those who wear them.

Yana’s Jewellery: handcrafted statement neck pieces

The first show of the evening was a stunning presentation by Yana’s Jewellery, featuring handmade statement neck pieces. Yana drew inspiration from her mesmerizing trip to the Serengeti, capturing the essence of gorgeous sunsets and the grace of animals. The collection showcased exquisite craftsmanship, combining rope, stones, and beads to create unique and eye-catching designs that go beyond what we consider to be ‘jewellery’. She enchanted the audience with a collection that seamlessly merged nature’s beauty with artistic expression.

Lumija: Swimsuits that empower

Following Yana’s Jewellery, Lumija took the stage with a groundbreaking showcase of swimsuits that celebrated diversity and incorporated meaningful symbols. The catwalk came alive with models of all shapes and sizes, embracing body positivity and empowering individuals to feel confident in their own skin. Lumija left a lasting impression by championing inclusivity and breaking traditional beauty standards.

Parascandalo: Denim patterns, tailored jackets, and a bridal transformation

Closing the series of catwalk shows was Parascandalo, presenting a collection that took his brand to new heights of style and sophistication. The runway showcased denim patterns, intricate denim patchwork, and tailored jackets that exuded urban chic. The collection evolved with a range of street-style looks, including stunning dresses that mesmerized the audience. The highlight of the show was a surprise bridal reveal, where a long dress was transformed by the designer himself into a short one, leaving the crowd in awe of the designer’s creative vision and technical prowess.

Day 3 concluded with an exclusive afterparty sponsored by Campari. Malta Fashion Week 2023 continues tonight. and comes to an end with the Malta Fashion Awards gala.

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