MalTease returns for EuroPride 2023

Celebrating diversity.

In anticipation of the upcoming Malta EuroPride 2023, the MalTease project is taking the show to the next level, led by performer Undine LaVerve. This edition of MalTease will not only feature dance but also elements of satire, humor, and a broader spectrum of artistic representation. The event promises to be a harmonious blend of various artistic expressions aimed at uplifting the arts in a manner that is both entertaining and inspiring.

One of the core objectives of MalTease is to offer a platform for a wide range of artists. With a commitment to inclusivity, the event is determined to feature artists of all body types, colors, genders, and orientations, including those identifying as LGBTIQA+. The ensemble cast is expected to comprise artists from diverse geographic backgrounds, ranging from the United States to Poland, Syria, and beyond.

The event is designed to be a part of Malta EuroPride 2023’s overarching theme of celebrating diversity. Spazju Kreattiv and Undine LaVerve, in collaboration with EuroPride, have expressed their ongoing commitment to showcasing diverse and versatile art forms. The MalTease project is in line with this vision, embodying the broader objectives of EuroPride by providing a platform for representation and expression in the arts.

In addition to the stage performance, MalTease invites the public to join a vibrant walk from Strait Street, set to be illuminated with rainbow colors for the occasion. The procession aims to be a visual celebration in line with the values and themes of EuroPride 2023.

The performance takes place between September 8 and 10 at Spazju Kreattiv.

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