5 fitness apps to make you fall in love with working out

Get set, ready, download.

The idea of working out is always there, it’s the getting started part that’s tough. Believe me, I’ve been there, and I’ve got your back. Here are five fitness apps that helped me through my 30kg-weight loss journey.


This is definitely my favourite fitness app. From mobility sessions to maternal, meditation, HIIT, and strength workouts, FitOn has it all. The workouts vary in difficulty and length to suit everyone’s preferences. You can even add friends for encouragement as you work through challenges. The best part? It’s completely free! 


MyFitnessPal is really what it says it is. This app helps you track your calories, macros, and overall food intake thanks to its large database of foods. You can even scan barcodes for quick logging. The app has a large community that supports members to keep going through sharing ideas and overall encouragement. 

Walk At Home

If you prefer chill workouts that don’t require much, Walk At Home is perfect for you. Leslie Sansone and her team take you on brisk walks that you can do right on the spot. Move the coffee table, put in your ear buds, and walk a mile to burn some serious calories.


I must admit, I only used the free trial of this one, but I follow Krissy Cela religiously. Krissy and her team created a strong set of workouts designed specifically for women. Whether you’re looking to grow your glutes or get back into a fitness routine after a few months off, the EvolveYou team have got you covered.

Yoga for Beginners

If yoga’s your thing but you’re new to the concept, I’d suggest Yoga for Beginners. This app provides guided sessions that even the most novice athlete can follow. You can even customise your routines to suit your requirements.

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