Nestlé announces new Aero flavour

And we can’t wait to find this one at our local corner store!

Who doesn’t love Aero, with its tiny air bubbles that make the chocolate melt swifty in your mouth? Well, we know we do, so we’re pretty excited that Nestlé, the parent company of Aero, has announced a new flavour – which, quite frankly, sounds absolutely divine.

The Aero Choco Hazlenut Flavour bar is a brand-new, 90g bar that the company has described as, “light yet indulgent… with its unique bubbly aerated centre that melts in your mouth.”.

Currently, the bar is not yet on the Aero site, but initial reports on British media state that it’s only available at some Iceland and The Food Warehouse stores in the UK. Even so, this new flavour has caused such a stir that Nestlé is bound to make it available in all UK supermarkets and, most likely, on the international market, too.

Aero itself is a historic company, dating back to 1935, with the manufacturing process for its signature, bubbly chocolate being granted a patent in the same year. It’s been going strong since, with the company constantly releasing new flavours and products. These include more than five flavours of Aero bars, sharable bags of Aero Melts, ShAero bars, ice cream, and drinks.

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