80s haircuts are back

From Miley Cyrus to Florence Pugh, the hairstyles that defined the 80s are making a comeback on the red carpet, at the Super Bowl, and on Instagram.

When Miley Cyrus won her first Grammy just a few weeks ago, most people’s eyes were drawn to her hair: a gravity-defying blowout that reached sky-high. While the choice turned into a Marmite-situation, there is no denying that this was the first big moment in the 80s hairstyles’ comeback.

But you don’t need to take our word for it. Actress Florence Pugh has now opted for a mullet with plenty of volume, which absolutely references the 80s. Blake Lively went full-on 80s perm at the Super Bowl as she joined her friends Taylor Swift and Ice Spice in the VIP booth. Meanwhile, just hours before this year’s Baftas, hairstylist Galley Brisker uploaded pictures of Billie Piper, who has a leading role in a new Netflix film about Prince Andrew’s infamous 2019 interview, sporting a mullet.

The signs have also been there for months. In December, for example, we were discussing how the 80s want their perms back. Yet, the reason behind it may go far deeper than looks: speaking to Vogue, Brisker said that these 80s hairstyles are a way for people to rebel ‘against the more polished, clean and santised approach to wearable hair and make-up’.

From our end, we’re absolutely loving these styles and the new approach celebrities are taking. If nothing else, they’re incredibly fun!

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