The authentic Valletta way of life

This apartment is designed to be an “enclave” for travellers with a passion for all that is bespoke, local and unique.

The vision behind this Valletta apartment, Saint Paul, was a balanced interplay between curated design and discreet and personal hospitality.

Located in the heart of the capital city, its architectural backdrop is steeped in history while its décor reflects a touch of the future.

According to the designer behind it, Mark Pace, it is the “expression of an authentic, Valletta way of life”; an “enclave” for travellers with a passion for all that is bespoke, local and unique.

Pace has always had a distinct eye for design that is at once rooted in his Maltese heritage and immersed in visual elements influenced by Dutch form.

A purveyor of authenticity, his vision looks to “beautify through the natural and balanced”.

Recognised as a leading figure of the Maltese design scene, Pace’s portfolio reflects a “grounded spirit of harmony” that bridges the contemporary with the authentic.

Trough the Saint Paul project,Pace brings to light Valletta’s genuine, lesser-known soul to share with urban explorers from across the continents.

Tucked away on the doorstep of the capital’s most significant historical sites, museums and landmarks, Saint Paul is central yet far from the madding crowd.

Indeed, it is not just the interiors that create an experience. Located, as the name suggests, on St Paul’s Street, this apartment enjoys an address that offers a glimpse into the daily life of a true Valletta local.

It is bursting with historical buildings and preserved old-school trade shops, selling everything from spices to religious memorabilia, while one of Valletta’s most intriguing churches, St Paul’s Shipwreck, is also part of the immediate neighbourhood.

Featuring high ceilings, traditional Maltese balconies overlooking St Paul’s Church and perched atop a historic Valletta building, the apartment is immaculately curated, enjoying an open-plan sitting and dining room and a fully-equipped kitchen.

The décor is discreet, calming and comfortable – all traits of the designer behind it, whose aesthetic is built on attention to detail and understated luxury.

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