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Our [glass] house

This Balzan apartment is the home of architects Steven and Patricia Risiott from A Collective, partners both in work and in life. The duo’s dynamics came into play as they embarked on what could be described as their most contentious project as husband and wife – but also their most fulfilling.
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A house like me

This 450-year-old Birgu townhouse is a big part of its owner, Claude Zammit Trevisan. A life-long project, at once fragile and fascinating, he believes the house chose him… and is now an extension of himself.
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Embracing personality in design

Architect and interior designer Angie Sciberras brings the joy of colour into her design of a “love story” residential project in Rabat, where passion, light and custom creation came into play.
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Bold and eco-conscious

This Żebbiegħ penthouse, designed by Studjurban, is clean, bold and eco conscious. But it is the U-shaped glazed recess surrounding the pool and its apertures – full-height picture frames in their own right – that stand out most as the transition between interior and exterior reaches new lengths.