5 essentials for laidback chic

Grab yourself a light cardi for those beach evenings.

The weather’s changing and so are our activities and our wardrobes. It’s time for picnics, hikes, and beach sunsets. All these outings call for a laidback look. Here are some ideas that will keep you comfy without sacrificing style, chick, and sophistication. 

Denim jeans

Denim jeans have always been and will always be a classic. Find a fit that’s comfortable but with structure to make sure it doesn’t lose its shape as the day goes along. You can pair your jeans with pretty much everything, which makes them perfect for all day and night occasions. 

Oversized cardigan

The embodiment of comfort and style all wrapped into one, the oversized cardigan is a must-have for this time of the year. I’d recommend you opt for a neutral colour so you can pair it up with pretty much anything. Great for those late spring beach nights.


Sneakers are not only comfortable, but their high support will keep you on your feet all day. Whether you’re off for a hike or simply out for a few drinks, stylish sneakers can really up your laidback look. 

Loose linen shirt

The loose fit and breathable fabric of linen shirts makes them perfect for the warm weather. If you tend to feel cold, you can also wear a vest underneath, or even accompany it with your oversized cardigan.

Tote Bag

No laidback look would be complete without a cute tote bag to carry your essentials in style. Whether in canvas style or a leather version, tote bags are perfect for carrying everything from your make up to your laptop, and even your gym gear.

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