3 ways to get better summer sleep

The days are getting hotter, and the nights stickier. But you can still achieve better sleep.

Summer is all fun and games until it’s nighttime, when the sticky and sweaty reality of the heat hits us like a pound of bricks. Of course, you could simply switch on your air conditioning, which will help immensely, but what should those who are more environmentally-conscious do to stay cool at night?

  1. This may come as a surprise to some, but the cotton count of your bedding actually makes a difference: the higher the cotton count, the more freely air circulates and the cooler it’ll keep you. It’s also good to invest in natural fibres like cotton or linen, rather than mixes or polyester.
  1. If you tend to feel very hot throughout the night, then taking an ice-cold shower before hitting the sack can really help lower your body temperature. If cold water is not your thing, showering with lukewarm water also does the trick. With regards to this, you should also avoid exercising in the evening, as this raises your body temperature, which takes a while to come back down.
  1. While windows and blinds should be closed during the day in order to keep the hot air outside, they should be opened at night to let the cool night air in. So make it a habit to close all windows and shut all curtains first thing in the morning, and opening them again after dusk. 
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