New TV show will help 13 dogs find their forever home

Local celebrities roped in to help showcase the lovable characteristics of each doggo.
Stylist Carina Camilleri with Ġorġ the puppy. Photo: Facebook

A new TV show called Vuċi Għall-Annimali aims to help 13 dogs to find loving families, offering each dog the opportunity to spend half a day showcasing their unique personalities with various celebrities. The show is being held within the premises of the Association for Abandoned Animals (AAA).

Throughout each episode, detailed information about each dog is provided, enabling prospective adopters to identify the perfect match for their family. The team’s priority lies in ensuring that these dogs find their ideal homes, where they will thrive and bring joy to their new human companions.

The first programme introduced musician Errol Sammut, from Airport Impressions to Tulips. Errol and Tulips forged a magical connection that showcased the unique charm and personality of this beautiful dog. Fashion stylist Carina Camilleri was the second personality to spend half a day with the adorable puppy Ġorġ.

Anyone considering the adoption of a four-legged friend is encouraged to follow the show and to use it as a resource in making an informed decision when choosing to welcome a dog into their life. The show airs every Friday at 8:45pm on NET TV.

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