People are using glitter to supposedly catch cheating partners

Controversially, some TikTokers are sharing videos of how they’re using the Glitter Technique to discover whether their significant other is cheating.

TikTok is a goldmine of tips, tricks, and lifehacks, with everything from the best way to peel avocados to how to keep paint off the rim of a can doing the rounds. Yet one of the latest so-called life hacks, which sees one half of a romantically-attached duo use glitter to see if the other half is cheating,  has left the internet divided…

The majority of the videos related to the Glitter Technique show girlfriends placing the sparkly dust in the passenger side’s sun visor of their boyfriends’ car, and then checking if it’s gone after a night out with friends or after they run an errand.

Explaining the reasoning behind it, some TikTokers have said that any woman hitching a ride in their partner’s car would obviously want to check herself out in the sun visor’s mirror, inevitably dropping a barrage of glitter all over her make-up, clothes, and the rest of the car. Then, because glitter tends to stick to anything it touches and is incredibly hard to get rid of, they would immediately know whether their partners have been faithful. 

While one TikToker has claimed to have caught her boyfriend cheating this way, there have also been many commentators who found this new trend flawed. For a start, some said, men may also wish to check themselves out in the mirror; secondly, just because a woman may also be in the car, doesn’t necessarily mean their partner is cheating. Others went even further, stating that all this shows is a lack of trust and communication in the relationship, which is what they should be addressing. 

From our end, we tend to side with the detractors, but we’d love to hear your thoughts on the Glitter Technique!

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