‘I’m always on the hunt for rare pressings and special editions’

Keith St John is a DJ and co-host of the podcast Tiegħi, Tiegħek, Tagħna. He shares why the vinyl cover for Honey Dijon’s Black Girl Magic is his favourite.
The weirdest thing he owns – Keith St John’s Honey Dijon vinyl cover comes with a surprise.

I collect: A few years ago, I started collecting vinyl records… It’s something my father used to do and, with the vinyl renaissance that’s currently in full swing, it was a good time to get into it.

The weirdest thing in my collection: With vinyl there aren’t a lot of weird items you can get hold of – it’s mostly different-coloured pressings, signed copies, and rare pressings… But I do have one which came with a very cool feature…

What attracted me to it: It genuinely came as a surprise. The album is called Black Girl Magic and it’s by the Chicago-born and NYC/Berlin-based house DJ, Honey Dijon. The vinyl cover came with a sticker and a QR Code, which I initially thought would be the code to get the digital version the album. But, when I scanned it, I was taken to my phone camera, and I was able to view the album’s artwork in 3D superimposed on any scene I wanted to!

I bought it from: Actually, it was gifted to me for Christmas by my best friend, Luca, without even knowing about the perk himself.

Another weird thing I’d like to get my hands on: I’m always on the hunt for rare pressings and special editions, so I would love to get my hands on a Japanese version of some albums I like as they tend to have bonus tracks not available in other regions.

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