Outdoor thrills: 5 outdoor adventures before it’s too warm

From quad biking to cliff climbing, now’s the time to get off your couch
Spring is the perfect time to try your hand at new activities like SUP yoga.

The mezzo period is my favourite time of year. Not too hot yet not too cold. The temperature is just right to soak in some vitamin D before the summer demons rear their ugly heads. If you love being outside and want to make the most of the fresh air before the heat gets too much to handle, here’s what you can do.

1 – Quad bike around Gozo

Grab your friends, hire quad bikes, and explore the beauty of Malta’s sister island. Go off the beaten track and take in the breathtaking scenery that only Gozo can offer. You can join a tour or go rogue – whatever tickles your fancy.

2 – Go hiking in Buskett

Take in the beauty of the Maltese countryside as you walk through Buskett and Dingli Cliffs. Appreciate the biodiversity you encounter along the way as you enjoy a morning away from the busy crowds.

3 – Get a diving certificate

Find your way around the Maltese sea with a brand new diving certificate. Take a course and learn the ropes before the heat gets too much so that you can spend your summer discovering underwater treasures.

4 – Try a session of SUP yoga

Tired of traditional yoga? Swap the mat for a board and enjoy a session of SUP yoga. You’ll improve your balance, coordination, and body strength while having a few laughs if you accidentally fall into the water. 

5 – Climb a few limestone cliffs 

Join an abseiling or rock climbing group and make your way up our beautiful cliffs. Immerse yourself in this unique experience with the blue landscape we call the Mediterranean Sea. This is not for the faint-hearted, so maybe skip this if you’re afraid of heights!

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