Need help falling asleep? Try cricketing

Rubbing your feet together in an action referred to as cricketing could help with self-stimulation and make you fall asleep faster

Have you ever lain in bed, dead tired but unable to sleep? We all have, which is why when a new hack goes as viral as cricketing, it’s well worth writing about!

Cricketing is the action of rubbing your feet together in the same way a cricket does when it’s chirping – yes, that’s it; it really is as simple and straight-forward as that, but the benefits are pretty surprising.

For a start, cricketing usually has a calming and soothing effect, particularly when you’re in bed under the duvet. This should help you fall asleep faster, but many practitioners of the trend have also reported that cricketing is a form of “stim”, which is short for self-stimulation, a behaviour that is commonly practised by those who, among others, are living with ADHD or are on the autism spectrum. 

This isn’t just hearsay, however. According to Chinese herbalist and physical therapist, Dr Eileen Li, who spoke to the New York Post about the cricketing trend, the hack is actually based on scientific evidence, which has found that the feet are “full of nerve endings and an array of acupressure points that … help regulate and calm your central nervous system.”

Probably the best piece of news here is that cricketing has no side-effects or downsides, so you have nothing to lose and, potentially, some sleep to gain… We certainly know what we’ll be doing at bedtime tonight!

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